Elks Pledge to Homeless Veterans

In September 2015, the Elks pledged to help end veteran homelessness. Two years later, here's what we've accomplished; 546 Veterans have  received  assistance,  847  Emergency  Assistance  Fund (EAF) requests have been granted and $714 is the median amount per request.  Over $1,131,000 in EAF monies have been given out to needy Veterans.    The breakdown  is;  rent  37.62%, utilities  26.35%,  other 16.67%,  security  deposits  6.59%,  auto  4.89%,  legal  3.19%,  mortgage 1.80%, medical bills 1.60% and moving companies 1.30%.
“Elks  are  focused  in  on  veterans  in  a  way  that  other  organizations  haven’t.”
2017 - 18 fiscal year is officially here, and the Elks National Veterans Service Commission (ENVSC) is excited to kick off another year of serving our nation’s veterans. Thanks to a generous grant from the Elks National Foundation of nearly $2.6 million, this year we are able to keep our programs going strong. Finally, the ENVSC sponsors several other worthy organizations
These include the Playing Cards for Veterans program, Bugles Across America, and contributions to concerts and resource fairs at VA facilities.